Online Trading Security as Standard

Your money is safe :

With any deposit or withdrawal process, your money will always be safe with VIPTrade1 so we strive to provide the best conditions to protect our customers' financial assets by choosing to work with the largest banking and banking providers in the world.

Online Trading Security as Standard

The customer's confidence and security on his money reflects a fundamental value in terms of trading across the net, so VIPTrade1 pays particular attention to matters related to the protection of invested funds. In order to build trust with customers we guarantee the protection of their money and the immediate fulfilment of our financial obligations.

Advanced security technology

To ensure the highest security, VIPTrade1 emphasizes the use of a range of advanced technical and material systems to protect all data systems.

All data transfers between servers are using SSL encryption, which is the safest, most powerful and most powerful layer in security technology to create an encrypted link between a Web server and an Internet browser, using the https protocol.

How does Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) work?

Each SSL certificate consists of a public key and a private key. It uses the public key to encrypt information and uses the private key to decrypt it. When your browser connects to a secure location, Server sends the public key to the browser to perform the encryption process. The public key is available to all but the private key (which is used for decryption) is confidential. Therefore, during secure communication, the browser encrypts the message using the public key and sends it to the server. The message will be decrypted from the server side using the private key (secret key).

How do you know that your connection is safe or insecure?

SSL is An indicator showing the user that it is protected by the encrypted SSL session appears, the lock icon at the top of the browser on the right and by pressing the lock icon displays the SSL certificate and information.

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